Organising Home Care for your Parents

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Organising & Implementing Home Care Services for your parents, or loved ones can be a stressful time that brings up lots of emotions...

Many people have experience a lot of guilt - they feel that they should be able to do it all for their parents instead of bringing in 'strangers'. This is particularly true if your loved ones are reluctant to have home support services.

The reality is - we all lead busy lives, and many children caring for their parents work, have a young family of their own to support, or both! It's just not possible to 'do it all' without burning yourself out or impacting those around you who matter most.

The Best Services are Provided by Staff Who Understand

Having care provided through a professional agency will ensure your loved ones have the appropriate care in place, that will encourage them to maintain and improve their independence.

Service Providers have the skills, knowledge and experience to assess the amount of support your parents need, and to monitor their progress over time, ensuring they are safe at home. The staff who will be working with your parents day to day understand that it is difficult - especially at first - to have a stranger in your home. Staff from a reputable provider will ensure they work at developing a rapport with your loved ones, will respect their home and their choices, and will always treat them with dignity.

Having Home Care Services lets you have your 'normal' relationship with your parents

When you are heavily involved in 'caring' for your loved ones your relationship can change - from son / daughter to 'carer'. You and your parents can tend to focus on the 'to do's' and you miss out on time to just be together. Having other people support your loved ones allows you to return to your 'normal' relationship, rather than always focusing on upcoming appointments, who will pick up the medications, who will look after Dad while Mum has her operation - and all the other things that need to be organised.


Once you have staff in place and your loved ones adjust to having new people in the home, you will most likely feel a sense of relief. Relief that you made the right decision to put care in place, relief that your loved ones are safe and have the support they need, and relief that you are now able to just spend time with your loved ones doing things you enjoy together.


Having care in place will give you back one of the most valuable assets you have - your time. Caring for parents and still managing your own life is stressful and tiring, and you will most likely find you are more relaxed, have more time to look after yourself and your family, and in turn this will give you more energy to care for your parents or loved ones.


Caring for your parents or loved ones when they age can be complex, there is a lot of decisions to make with them, and sometimes for them. Having a care provider involved ensures you have support around these decisions - from the appropriate professional. You will be able to access advice and services from allied health professionals, and others who can improve life for your loved ones and yourself.

So if you are - or have been feeling guilty about considering home care services for your parents or loved ones - I urge you to change your perception. The introduction of formal services has a range of benefits, both for the person receiving the support and those closest to them who are caring for their needs.

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